Past Residencies

 Artist Residency in Seoul Art Space, Geumcheon 

Ghada Da was artist in residence at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, with Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and Maraya Art Centre. She has been carrying out research in Seoul, photographing everyday life and creating a new sculptural installation for Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Open Studios. All the materials, colours and textures she uses in her sensitive installation are a reflection of her experience in the residency programme and an abstract interpretation of the city of Seoul.  She creates constant movement in the space, which mirrors the constant flux of this vibrant city and its people, creating moments of both chaos and calm. Her multi-media installation includes sound, video, performance and sculptural elements incorporating gold leaf, moulded latex, found wood, green tea powder, color pigment, cactus and sandalwood. Ghada Da is a Saudi artist based in the UAE.