Colour Bar: Colour, Space and Bits per Pixel

Colour Bar is an exhibition that places in proximity bits of creative minds from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, channeled together through a showcase that is dedicated to feature time-based media art.

The exhibition seeks to address a number of questions: how is social media changing our art practice and experience? Are artists making art for likes or art they like? Is being in a direct and instant conversation with the audience effecting the work being produced? How different is a gallery audience compared to a cyber-audience?

The artists were invited to reevaluate and reiterate their current practice in a body of work they have previously created, which happens to coexist in the past in both physical and virtual forms. 



Ahaad Al Amoudi(KSA)

Ahmed Al Areef Al Daheri (UAE) 

Fawaz Al Batati(KSA/YEMEN) 

Mansour Al Heera(UAE)